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Catania, the city under the Volcano
Learn how being situated under the highest active volcano in Europe influenced Catania's architecture, traditions and even food.
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Denmark and the World Happiness Report
In this article we are investigating why Denmark continuously ranks highly on the World Happiness Report.
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The 5 terraces of Madrid, with the best views!
To get the best panoramic shots of the city, you have to go up to the sky. Here are the 5 terraces of Madrid with the best views!
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Top 7 Attractions in Ljubljana
Considering its beauty, cleanliness and accessibility, it is no surprise that Ljubljana has become such a popular destination.
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5 Top Restaurants in Hamburg
It is literally impossible to visit all the restaurants in Hamburg, so here is our list of top 5 with medium prices and best local dishes to try.
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The top 10 tacos to try in Mexico City
We recommend you to go get a napkin before you start reading this article, so that you don’t mess up your keyboard.
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7 Essential Things to Do in Sofia
Sofia has a lot to offer. Our list of essential things to do in the city will help you get the most out of your short trip to the Bulgarian capital.
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Did you know that in Florence we invented ice cream?
Joy for adults and children, ice cream is one of the spearheads of Italian gastronomic art and the king of summer street food.
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The Top 3 Day Trip Destinations from Salzburg
This article features a selection of the best day trips from Salzburg. From the Eagle's Nest to Hallstatt and the Werfen Ice Caves.
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10 must-visit attractions of Córdoba
Are you ready to explore the city of caliphs and kings? We have prepared for you a list of 10 must-visit attractions of Córdoba.
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