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The best 8 viewpoints to admire Florence from above
Here is our list of the most incredible views in Florence. You cannot visit this beautiful Italian city without enjoying at least one of them!
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What is the greatest treasure in Kraków?
Mona Lisa in Paris is undeniably a masterpiece, but did you know that in Krakow you may find a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, too?!
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What is Welsh Food?
Wales may not be world renowned for its cuisine, but it is certainly more distinctive than one would expect.
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Budapest, the Spa Capital of Europe
Read about the thermal water of Hungary and get to know what kind of bathhouses the Spa Capital of Europe has to offer!
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5 Greek myths that have influenced our daily lives
Greek mythology is full of amazing stories that fascinate people until today! Here are some of them which still have impact on our daily life!
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4 Lesser-Known Must-Visit Spots in Singapore
There are plenty of things to do on the sunny island of Singapore, but if you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path, here are 4 must-visit spots!
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5 Beers from Bruges You Absolutely Need To Try
When arriving in Belgium you’re in for a treat with 3000+ Belgian beers available. They’re brewed all over the country & Bruges is no exception.
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5 Terraces you can’t miss in Barcelona
Outdoors in Spain are beautiful. Discover 5 terraces you can’t miss if you are planning to visit Barcelona.
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Lyon and its Bouchons - Capital of Gastronomy since 1934
Maybe you know that Lyon is very famous for its passages through buildings named Traboules or for its Roman history with its two Roman theaters.
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Communist heritage of Minsk
The Communist heritage of Minsk is very rich but which of the Communist sights are the most recommended by locals? Read our secret list.
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