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Do you want to experience a full gothic adventure? Even if you are not into different architecture styles, Kraków is definitely a place that will amaze you. UNESCO World Heritage since 1978, the Historic Centre of Kraków is one of the most impressive medieval constructions up to date.

Untouched by almost any destruction during World War II, Kraków managed to keep hundreds years of history preserved for you to explore. Wawel Castle, the Main Market Square and The Former Jewish District, Kazimierz make this city an impressive combination of different time periods and influences.The Main Market Square in Kraków is the largest medieval town square in Europe, impressive right?

In Kraków you will learn that every piece of history gives us a lesson. That's why everyone should visit Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum once in a lifetime. More than knowing about it, it is important to see it with your own eyes.  Speaking of a lifetime experience and on a more positive note, you should also visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. With a very long history, these mines have become one of the most popular monuments in the whole Poland. Spectacular statues and chapels, all made with only salt, will leave you speechless.

Fall in love with the mysterious legends surrounding the medieval walls of the city. From the Wawel Dragon to St. Mary's Trumpet Call, this city never stops tellings us stories.  Plus, even if you are not religious, the hundreds of churches around here will surely impress you. The level of devotion with which the Cracovians built the churches made these places something definitely worth seeing. And speaking of churches it is impossible not to mention the Polish Pope, John Paul II. He did not only studied here at the Jagiellonian University (which is, by the way, the oldest university in Poland) but also, later on, became the archbishop of the city.

Kraków has always been a city of knowledge but nowadays students became a huge part of the community. Apart from all the history, you can feel the vibrance and the vitality on the streets. So don't make any excuses. No matter your age or nationality, Kraków is just the right choice for you.

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