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Georgian Cuisine Guide for Beginners

Article by: Levan Giorgadze from Tbilisi Free Walking Tours

If you are a food lover, then Georgia can be heaven for your mouth and stomach! Georgian cuisine is one of the most famous and rich cuisine in the world. It is fusion of Europe and Asia. Our cuisine is famous for meat and cheese dishes, but it is vegetarian friendly as well.

So if you're planning a future trip to Georgia and it is your first time, then I want to recommend some must try dishes. As well, to make your food experience even better, we can offer "Tbilisi Food Tour", in this case, we will take care about your Georgian food experience and trust me, you will not be disappointed!

So let's start:

Adjarian Khachapuri - In Georgia, you can find 7 different types of khachapuri, but in the beginning, we strongly recommend to try Adjarian Khachapuri. It is made from dough, with two type of Georgian cheese, egg and butter. Before you start eating, you need to mix cheese, egg and butter very well! And here we go, you are ready to eat!

Georgian Cuisine Guide for Beginners

Khinkali (Georgian dumplings) - One of the dishes, which make Georgian cuisine more famous. Khinkali exist in different variety like: Meat (beef and pork), cheese, mushroom, potatoes and spinach, but only with meat is a classic! So we recommend to start tasting Khinkali, with meat.

Eggplant with walnuts - one of the favorite dishes of locals and tourists, it is unbelievable tasty. Fried eggplants and walnuts with Georgian spices make a real magic. Must try!

Taahmijabi - I will say it is one of the heavy dishes, more like side dish, mashed potato with lot's of melted cheese, yummy! Usually we eat it with chicken, beef or pork meat.

Georgian Cuisine Guide for Beginners

Ojakhuri - In English it means "family style". This is a definitely one of the best pork dishes. It is made with a pork meat, potato, paprika, onion, coriander and of course some Georgian spices for great flavor.

Shqmeruli - If you like garlic and chicken as well, then you should try this particular dish. I think this is a great combination of chicken and garlic with some Georgian spices. Also, some restaurants additionally may add some sour cream, it is makes the taste of garlic softer.

Chicken with walnuts - If you don't like garlic, but still want some chicken dish, then you can find another delicious version, like chicken with walnuts sauce, and of course for unique, taste some Georgian spices.

Cucumber and tomato salad with walnuts - simple, delicious and fresh! Also what you will find in Georgian cuisine, all the ingredients are always organic and fresh! We use lot's of walnuts, coriander and spices but not very spicy!

Pkhali - it is spinach, again with walnuts and Georgian spices, plus some pomegranate. Usually in the restaurants, they serve Pkhali in few different variation, like spinach and also with beetroots leaves.
Tip: If in the serving they don't add Cornbread, ask them to bring it separately, because it is very good with Pkhali

Churchkhela - Georgian candy, not very sweet, because it is without sugar, only natural fructose from grapes juice. It is very energizing! I know, it looks like candle or sausage, but it is not. 🙂 Made with flour, grape juice and walnuts/hazelnuts. Different colors of Churchkhela mean different types of Grapes or fruits, but don't forget, the original one, made only with grapes! Very good and healthy snack if you are hiking or you're hungry and there is no restaurant close to you, one Churchkhela will be enough to be full for 1-2 hours.

Georgian Cuisine Guide for Beginners

These are of course just some basic examples of our tasty Georgian cuisine. We recommend joining our food tour or any of our regular free walking tours to learn more. And you should know, we have delicious wine, too 🙂

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