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Hamburgs Top Christmas Markets to Visit After Corona Lockdown

Covid has had a dismal effect on celebrating the holidays around the world and also here in Germany. Many people had to give up visiting their Families and loved ones during the lockdowns in 2019 and 2020. Not celebrating holidays together was truly a painful and tragic effect that Covid had on us all. Many public celebrations also had to be cancelled around the world. But now that the vaccine is becoming more available here in Germany, many people are looking forward to the reopening celebrations of their holiday traditions, including the cherished Christmas Markets here in Hamburg and around Germany!

Here are the 5 top Christmas markets to visit while here in Hamburg.

The Roncalli Christmas Market

Santa riding his Sleigh and telling children Christmas Stories

By far the most splendidly decorated Christmas market to visit is the Roncalli Christmas Market located at the town hall square. Roncalli is a famous circus that travels throughout Germany and puts on a beautifully decorated christmas market in the centre of the city.

They are known for the many crafts that are sold throughout and nice things to eat and drink as well. They also have a Santa’s Sleigh show with Santa flying through the air accompanied by his flying reindeer. He then stops and tells the children of his favourite reindeer, of course, Rudolf the red nose…

This Christmas Market is divided into different sections, with blacksmiths, candle makers, toy carpenters, hat makers and many other craftsmen touting their skills all in a festival of lighted Christmas decorations.

The Winter Magic Christmas Market

Enjoy the beautiful view on the Alster Lake

Located directly on the serinic Alster Lake this Christmas Market will enchant even the grinchiest person. Here you can enjoy a spiced hot Glühwein or hot Cocoa and enjoy the view of the infamous Christmas tree located in the middle of the Inner Alster Lake. Then off for some roasted chestnuts or candied almonds while strolling along the Jungfernstieg. 

For the children the Alster boats are decorated in fairy tale motifs and offer many activities for the small ones inside such as drawing, cookie baking, reading, decoration making and many other activities. And there is also a wonderful ferris wheel to ride and get a wonderful view of the lake.

This Market is decorated with thousands of white (not yellow) Christmas lights and ornamentations which give a chilling wintery atmosphere. So it is a great place to get a steaming Glühwein while sitting on the steps enjoying the views.

The Santa Pauli

Christmas Party Market in the red light district

This Christmas Market surely is a special one… basically, it is Germany’s only erotic Christmas Market located directly in the middle of Hamburg’s red light district. Here you can enjoy chocolate dildos, buy Christmas lingerie, watch a strip tease show of Santa’s and his helpers and much more.

This Christmas market is not for people with sensitive morals, be prepared for whips or handcuffs with jolly tiding decorations and an assortment of high percentage Glühweins that can be mixed and matched to everyone’s own taste. The absolute highlight is the porno-karaoke that takes place in the evenings. You will partner up and then have to make the sounds to a classic porno movie. There are even prizes if done well enough!

Afterwards one is just a short stroll to the next club, theatre or live music bar. A great way to start the evening off on a night on the town!

The St.Petri Christmas Market

Stollen, the traditional German fruit cake is always good at Christmas time

Located at the oldest church in Hamburg, the St.Petri Church, this market is a great place to visit after a nice Christmas shopping spree. It is directly in the centre of Hamburg's most famous shopping street, the Mönckebergstraße. The beautiful decorations and fir branches decorating the market give way to some wonderful Christmas smells and sights.

Here you will enjoy great crafts such as hand-made local toys or clothing. You can also buy their infamous Stollen cakes here. These are traditional Christmas cakes filled with raisins, nuts, spices, sometimes even delicious marzipan covered in a blanket of powdered sugar. Truly a calorie bomb worthy of every Christmas get together.

Also a visit inside the Church is fitting to take a look at their Christmas decorations and artifacts. They also have many Christmas festivities and concerts inside the church as well as the holiday parades just outside the church.

The Hafencity Christmas Market

What better way to spend at the Christmas market than with ice curling

This Christmas Market offers the traditional aspects of Christmas in the middle of the modern district, the Hafencity. Glühwein, roasted nuts, and traditional baked goods can be found here among many activities. They also start off the market with a fireworks show and regularly have laser-shows to impress their market visitors.

If you are interested in ice skating, they have an ice rink for young and old as well as ice hockey tournaments for the children. While the little ones are playing hockey, the adults can either sit back, relax and enjoy the games, or participate in their own game of ice curling.

This market has many surprises and events awaiting its visitors and offers a lot of fun activities for everybody.

This article was written by Robin and the Tourguides, author: Brent Foster.

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