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The 5 most important things to do when you visit Córdoba

Across the centuries, the south of Spain has always played so important role for the history of the country. Starting with the foundation of Cádiz in the 10th century BC. as the first city of all over Europe; and then with Sevilla, as one of the capitals of the Roman Empire; we arrive to Córdoba, the great unknown jewel of Spain.

Córdoba was the capital of the Caliphate during the Islamic period, and it hides lots of secret places you shouldn´t miss when you visit the city. But normally people travel to Córdoba for a day trip, or maybe for a weekend, so they don´t have enough time to explore the whole city.

That´s why today we bring you a list of the 5 most important things to do when you visit Córdoba. We hope you enjoy it and you find it useful!!

What are the 5 most important things to do when you visit Córdoba?

1. To make a free tour across the monumental area

Is that the most important thing to do when you visit Córdoba? The answer is: definitely YES!

When you arrive to a new city you are normally completely lost. You don´t know how to move by the city, when to visit the main monuments or where to eat the best food. That´s why we strongly recommend you to make a free tour in the old town. The local guides are always the best option: They know the city perfectly and they will give you the best tips ever while telling you about the history and the culture of Córdoba.

We recommend you to follow our colleagues of Córdoba Tips Tours, their Monumental Tour is absolutely amazing! You will discover with a licensed tour guide the main monuments of the city; they are really well trained and have incredible knowledge and passion for their town.

things to do when you visit Córdoba

During the route, you will learn the history of the main monuments:

  • the Roman bridge of Córdoba over the Guadalquivir river
  • the Alcazar of the Christian Kings
  • the walls of the city
  • the Triumph of Saint Rafael, the protector of Córdoba
  • and with no doubt, the Great Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba and the lovely courtyard full of orange trees.

Check here their Monumental Tour of Córdoba, it's worth to!

2. To visit the Great Mezquita (Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba)

This is one of the monuments of the world that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. Commonly described as “a forest of columns and arches”, the great Mosque of Córdoba was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, it is the most important monument of the Islamic occident and, with no doubt, one of the most incredible ones of the entire world.

If you are interested in a guided tour inside the Mosque-Cathedral, check here the schedules and prices. You won´t be disappointed!!

things to do when you visit Córdoba

3. To discover the wonderful Patios of Córdoba

Spring in Córdoba is really well known because of the good weather and the coloured courtyards full of flowers!!

Despite the month of May is the best one for visiting the Patios and the period of the year when flowers are more beautiful, in San Basilio neighbourhood the Patios are always opened and the locals will welcome you to visit the wonderful courtyards of their houses.

It is an explosion of colour!!

things to do when you visit Córdoba

4. To get lost among the narrow streets of the old Jewish neighbourhood

The old Jewish quarter of Córdoba is absolutely breathtaking. The incredible history of the Jewish community in Spain let us a so strong cultural heritage and a lovely neighbourhood full of narrow streets, beautiful corners and hidden legends.

If you really want to discover all the secrets of this part of the city, we recommend you to make an evening free tour, again with Córdoba Tips Tours. Their fascinating tour of Legends and tales of the old Jewish Neighbourhood will make you travel on time and fall in love with the culture of Córdoba.

things to do when you visit Córdoba

In this tour you will be able to find hidden corners like:

  • the synagogue of Córdoba, one of the only three synagogues that are still alive all over Spain
  • the Zoco, main market of the neighbourhood;
  • some important characters of the history of Córdoba, like Séneca or Al-Gafequi
  • and breathtaking streets like “Calle de las Flores” or “Calle del pañuelo”

Click here and enjoy!

5. To try the delicious local gastronomy

The Mediterranean gastronomy is famous worldwide. Hundreds of people travel to Spain specifically because of our food. But in Andalucía the gastronomy has a special attraction for the visitors, because of the wonderful “tapas”, little plates of food that you can share with the others, in order to try as many as possible. And is here in Córdoba where you can try some of the best ones!

The most famous tapas in Córdoba are:

  • “Salmorejo”, a cold tomato cream with ham, egg and bread
  • “Cola de toro”, the bull tail stewed with potatoes and other vegetables
  • “Berenjenas con miel”, fried eggplants with honey.
  • And of course the delicious “flamenquín”, a rolled pork steak filled with ham and fried. So Tasty!!

If you want to try them, we recommend some local restaurants, like “Casa el Pisto”, “Casa Salinas” or the big line of bars along the river bank.

things to do when you visit Córdoba

Apart from all this list of the most important things to do when you visit Córdoba, the city has hundreds of monuments to visit, activities to do, and food to try! So don´t doubt it anymore and let’s travel to Córdoba!!

And don´t forget to explore our site to discover more tips and recommendations about the best free tours and destinations all over the world!!!

Article by: Córdoba Tips Tours

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