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5 razones por las que no deberías visitar Brasov en 2021

If you ever read a book or watched a movie about Dracula, you definitely dreamed about Transylvania at least once in your life time. Presented as a magical land, filled with stories and legends, this is the place you should never visit... unless you are really into day-dreaming landscapes, unique culture and mysterious medieval castles. If you are afraid of vampires strolling around, then again, you should stay at home. Otherwise, please come, the garlic is on the house!

Artículo de: Simo Ciuraru, your excited guide from Walkabout Free Tours Brasov!

Photo by Daniela Turcanu on Unsplash

But, as a descendant of scary Dracula, I have to warn you:

  1. Our food is insanely tasteful and you’ll probably gain some pounds during your stay here.
  2. There is a mountain right in the middle of the city. The views from the top are amazing, but you will have to make some effort to walk up or take a cable car. If you don't enjoy easy hiking or cable cars scare you. Brasov is not for you!
  3. Don't like cultural and historical diversity? In Brasov, you’ll find a good mix of cultures, traditions and beliefs. The Romanian neighborhood is close to the old Saxon one and the Hungarian one. Welcome to little Europe!
  4. You don't like museums? We have many! We have the History Museum, the Urban Civilisation Museum, The National Anthem Museum, The Art Museum, The Ethnographic Museum, The Black Church and the First Romanian School. Sorry for that!
  5. Don't fancy cities, but rather old villages? Well, Brasov is the 7th most populous city in Romania. However, we have to admit there are also old fortified churches waiting for you around Brasov unveiling a brand new world of magic, executions and defensive tricks. Prejmer fortified church is really close to Brasov and yes, you can explore it as it is part of UNESCO World Heritage.
Hollywood style. Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash


6. To make sure that you are not tempted to visit Brasov, you should also know: we are so close to Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s castle, that sometimes we can still hear the screams. And yes, after years of hard work on the road to Bran, you might get there in only 30 minutes. In this case, garlic is not on the house, bring your own!

Now, seriously speaking, please come. We’ll be waiting for you in Brasov, the most beautiful city in Romania and will make sure you make the best of your stay.

Photo by Zoltan Rakottyai on Unsplash

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