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Tu itinerario perfecto de escapada sevillana: ¿qué ver en Sevilla en dos días?

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and all over the world. Nevertheless, lots of inspiring corners of this beautiful country are still a great enigma for the tourists, for example, the colourful and passionate capital of Andalusia.

If you have only a couple of days to spend in Seville, we should advert you that this city will easily leave you with a dream to come back again. Only two days is not enough to see and visit even a little part of the things that Seville can offer you, but during this short trip you will have the opportunity to enjoy its history, food, culture and “special colour”.

Want to know what to see in Seville in two days? From Sevilla Free Tours we prepared for you the perfect Sevillian break itinerary to spend unforgettable two days in the Andalusian capital. Enjoy!

What to see in Seville in two days? Your perfect Sevillian break itinerary – Day 1

Start your trip with a guided Monumental Tour

The first hours in a new city is the most confusing moment of any trip. To get a good overview of the city and learn about its most important monuments, we recommend you to join our Monumental Free Tour.

This tour lasts two hours and covers all the main sights of the historical centre of Seville, like the General Archive of the Indies, the Torre del Oro (“Golden Tower” in English) and the Plaza de España (“Spain Square” in English). Our guides do not only provide you with historical information but also introduce you to Sevillian everyday life with funny anecdotes and personal stories.

What to see in Seville in two days
Plaza de España. Photo by Sevilla Free Tours

You also should know that Seville is a great city for bicycle lovers (not so great like Amsterdam, but close to). So, if you prefer this type of sightseeing, you can also join our Bike Tour.

Wander the Real Alcázar of Seville

The Real Alcázar of Seville is one of the most famous monuments of the city that should appear in your “Must-visit attractions” list. This marvellous construction represents the 11th-century old Moorish place, which was an official residence of both Muslim and Catholic kings.

This monument is simply impressive. You can spend hours and hours walking through its galleries, halls and gardens, so it’s highly recommended to plan your visit and reserve your tickets online, skipping the queue.

And if you are looking for something more informative, we invite you to reserve your tour with our expert guide. You will enjoy it!

What to see in Seville in two days
The Real Alcázar of Seville. Photo by Sevilla Free Tours

Get lost in the streets of Seville

After your morning tour, you will be acquainted with the main traffic arteries of the city, so it will be easier to navigate. Nevertheless, Sevilla is famous for its typical neighbourhoods with narrow streets and hidden squares. So, one of the best ways to finish your first day is to wander around the city centre.

Santa Cruz neighbourhood is one of the most impressive attractions of Seville. Here you will get lost in narrow historic streets, full of orange trees and yellow and white-painted buildings. But the amazing images is not the only reason to visit Santa Cruz. This ancient Jewish quarter is also famous for its history, mysteries and legends, which you can learn visiting our Free Tour Mysteries of Santa Cruz.

What to see in Seville in two days
Photo by Peribanyez, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Try traditional Sevillian cuisine

To understand Seville, it is very important not only to watch and listen but also to taste! The local gastronomy is so varied and dynamic that can surprise even the most experienced foodies.

Seville is famous for its peculiar plates called tapas. The case is that in other parts of the country this word is used for some kind of canape with a piece of bread. In Seville, the word “tapa” refers to the serving size and is about a quarter of the portion.

In Seville, you can find tapas in almost every bar and restaurant. Anyway, if it’s your first time in this city, we recommend you to start with the most traditional places, like El Rinconcillo (Gerona Street, 40), Blanco Cerrillo (José de Velilla Street, 1) or Bodega Morales (García de Vinuesa Street, 1).

What to see in Seville in two days
Croquetas. Photo by Sevilla Free Tours

What to see in Seville in two days? Your perfect Sevillian break itinerary – Day 2

Visit the Cathedral of Seville and the Giralda Tower

Walking through the city centre, it’s really difficult not to stop in front of this enormous and majestic monument. The Cathedral of Seville is the third biggest cathedral in the world and a UNESCO heritage site. One of the most impressive parts of this construction is an emblematic tower, known as the Giralda.

It’s interesting to know, that Seville Cathedral was built in the place of The Great Mosque of Seville and the Giralda was a minaret. Nowadays, it’s the largest Gothic cathedral in the world where you can see a Cristopher Columbus tomb. 

The Cathedral of Seville is opened for tourists from Monday to Saturday and you can visit it by yourself. But if you want to skip the line and learn more about this monument, we highly recommend you to book a Cathedral Tour with our expert guide.

What to see in Seville in two days
The Giralda Tower. Photo by Sevilla Free Tours

Explore the Triana District

Situated on the other side of the Guadalquivir river, the Triana neighbourhood seems to be a little independent country inside the city. During the centuries this district was separated by the river from the noble and rich part of the city and developed very different to Seville. That’s why today Triana has such a strong identity.

Triana district had a great influence on the Sevillian culture and traditions. This district was home to sailors, potters and gipsies and is known as a cradle of flamenco and ceramic arts.

What to see in Seville in two days
Photo by Benurs, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Speaking about the most emblematic places, you can’t lose walking down Betis street and enjoying an incredible panoramic view of the river. Another recommendation is to visit the Triana market, which was built above the remains of the Castle of San Jorge, the ancient prison of the Spanish Inquisition.

Visit Flamenco Show

Now when you know the history of flamenco art in Seville, it’s time to enjoy a real flamenco show! You can find a lot of Flamenco bars (or tablaos) in the Triana district. Many of them offer an evening performance with guitar music, dance and singing which is free, you just need to pay for your drinks.

Another way to learn more about this art is by visiting the Flamenco Dance Museum of Seville. This interactive museum explains lots of things about the flamenco world, like different types of flamenco music and the history of flamenco dresses. Moreover, you can visit a real flamenco show and even take part in a little dance class.

Try a modern taste of Seville

The Sevillian gastronomy has an important traditional part, but it’s also very dynamic and continues developing nowadays. Many bars and restaurants offer a modern version of Sevillian cuisine: a fusion of traditional recipes and chef’s art.

If you want to try a modern taste of Seville, we recommend you to visit one of the restaurants of the Ovejas Negras chain in the centre of the city or to take a look at the bars and restaurants situated in the Alameda de Hercules neighbourhood.

What to see in Seville in two days
Modern tapas. Photo by Sevilla Free Tours

Now when you know what to see in Seville in two days, you are ready for your short trip! We hope that this time will be enough to feel this exceptional city and get charmed by its unique beauty.

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