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Los 10 mejores lugares para hacer fotos en San Francisco

When most people go to see the sights of San Francisco they usually want to visit some of the most famous places as well as to catch some unique moments with their photos. Over the course of our experience to build an out-of-the-box walking tour, we have begun to recognise some of the best places to take photos in San Francisco. Not only can we take you to some of these beautiful places but we also can help you capture some amazing family photos! Here are some of the top places that you might see on one of our walking tours!

Our secret rooftop garden
The Free SF Tour was given special permission to take groups up to the secret rooftop garden a few years ago. From then on, we have been able to take some wonderful pictures in this area and showcase plants that are unique to California in one of a kind garden above the city.

Ferry building
The San Francisco Ferry Building is a food hall and an office building located in the San Francisco Bay. With a beautiful outer facade, this building takes up a full Hectare of land that was built in 1898. This is a popular spot for photos on our tour.

Dragon gate
The infamous San Francisco Dragon gate is a popular spot to take photos and we are happy to let you rest at this spot capturing photos of the group we have for the day!

Union Square
Our tour departs from Union Square and many people enjoy taking photos before we leave.

The fortune cookie factory
We visit a real working fortune cookie factory where you can take pictures of the production line and more. Capture some very interesting photos inside and outside the factory!

Transamerica pyramid
The Transamerica Pyramid is the tallest skyscraper along the San Francisco skyline and it can be captured from many different angles across the city. We can help you find the best places for a photo opportunity with this building.

Although our tour doesn’t go to Alcatraz, you can often capture a fairly good shot of it from across the city. We can take you to the bay where you can get an excellent shot of the island.

Twin peaks
The twin vistas of San Francisco along the bay bridge make for some amazing panoramic shots.

Hotel views
There are a few hotels that we know of along our walk where you can capture stunning views of the skyline as well as the city as a whole. We can often get special permission to get up high where you can get some shots of the city and the skyscrapers.

City Hall
With a wide-angle lens you can capture some of the marvelous architecture of San Francisco City Hall!

Keep some of these wonderful photograph spots in mind if you are planning on a trip to San Francisco. Remember that our walking tour makes it much easier to capture all of these iconic shots and even more of them!

By: Free SF Tour

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