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¡Bienvenido a Bucarest, Rumanía!

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In Romanian, we call it București, as in Boo-coo-resh-tee! Someone once said that if you could have a big crowded city and the Eden garden in the same time, that place would be Bucharest.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, a beautiful country located in Central - Eastern Europe. Now that we know where we are, let’s take a walk together around the city, meet the people and its history!

Around the center of the city we will find a big building…literally the biggest from Europe, second biggest in the world.  You will really want to see it, trust us! It is called the Palace of Parliament and it was built during the Communist regime which, in Romania, lasted from 1947 until the big revolution, in 1989. People of Bucharest know it rather as “The House of the People”, as Ceausescu, Romania’s last Communist leader, nick-named it. With its grand entrances, high ceiling rooms and opulent design, the building was supposed to be Ceausescu’s pride and joy, the place where all Communist institution would be headquartered. Try to capture the entire building in a single photo! We challenge you!

From the imposing palace and the huge fountains, we walk down the river that passes through the city and we arrive in the “Old Town”. A place which brags with great history in trading, religion and local customs, tiny streets to discover and old buildings to admire. But that`s not everything! The Old Town is famous among locals for its multitude of bars, restaurants and clubs.  So, after a day full of history you will have a night full of parties!

There is more walk to be done so we hope you are ready!

Leaving behind the narrow streets, filled with temptations at every step, you will now have charming boulevards that take you back to the 19° century. For Romania, that was a time of royalty, beauty and many influences from the French culture. Don`t forget that Bucharest’s nickname for many years was Little Paris! Be prepared to use your camera extensively, as there are a lot of architectural gems, urban views and people to be photographed. Be careful though, not to trip, while looking up all the time 😊

Among all the buildings, be them palaces of former nobleman or private residences, old and new, you will find Bucharest’s parks. Ahhh yes… the parks! You will enjoy the green, luscious landscapes and the nature that takes over the buildings. You will be able to sunbathe, lazily, on a bench, while reading a book, feeling the soft breeze on your skin and the sound of birds chirping the day away.

One of the things that you will be amazed of is the spirit of the city, since Bucharest has a lot of elegance, with a twist! It is rapidly developing and adapting, with new places, chic bars, alternative concepts and street art, revealing a Bucharest of festivals, concerts, a place to be happy and free to travel and explore.

We really want to meet you and show you the greatest local secrets. See you soon! Pe curand!

Walkabout Free Tours Bucharest Team

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