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Free Walking Tour Isfahan

Explore Isfahan, "half of the world", like locals with Persian Walk.

Free Isfahan Walking Tour

Ehsan and Mersa, the Persian Walk’s co-founders on their 2nd step towards running free walking tours around IRAN, initiate Isfahan free tour. Persian Walk is the first independent local company that operates in the pay-what-you-wish model in Iran.

Isfahan or Esfahan, the "half of the world". You may hear this sentence a lot while traveling to Iran. Now, Persian Walk is honoured to have the chance to explain it to you on the Isfahan free walking tour.

This city is the third most-populated in Iran and there are a lot of interesting facts you can find out about its people, nature, and buildings. Thanks to our Isfahan free walking tour, you will become more familiar with the history, culture, architectural secrets and monuments. There is a lot to talk about on our Isfahan free walking tour. For example: Why is it called Isfahan? Are Muslims the only religious group living there? How old the city is? What changes did it go through during history? Was it the capital of Iran? What are its world records? What to eat in Isfahan?

We invite you to walk through history, stories of Shah Abbas, the famous Safavid’s king, and cultural points and local snacks. We will finish our tour on a famous bridge on a river and will talk about the name of River Zayandeh Rood. We are looking forward to seeing you on the tour!

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Free Tour Schedule

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+98 9358914604
+98 9358914604

What visitors think about Free Isfahan Walking Tour?

Tim Lee
Rating: 5 out of 5
Cannot recommend this enough; Ehsan is very knowledgeable about the history of Isfahan, and will go through great lengths to show you the best things the city can offer and what to do. When visiting the city that is half the world, he will be your guide.
Irene Andrés
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommended 100%. Ehsan is a very knowledgeable guide who works hard not only sharing the beauty of Isfahan but also making the walking tour comfortable and enjoyable. It is very remarkable that the tour, besides going through the history of the city, gives the chance to try local snacks.
Remo Huigsloot
Rating: 5 out of 5
We had a wonderful tour with Ehsan, who told us a lot about the history and culture of Iran and Esfahan. He was well prepared and could answer our questions. He showed us interesting places. A kind and helpful person. We recommend him! A great experience!

Frequently asked questions about the tour

When does the Isfahan free walking tour start and where is the meeting & ending point?

Isfahan free walking tour starts at 10 A.M. every day and the meeting point is in front of the Qeysarie portal by the pool, the ending point is on one the most historical bridges of Isfahan, “Si-o-se pol” bridge.

In which languages do you run the Isfahan free walking tour?

Isfahan free walking tour is offered in English and Persian.

How much should I tip for the Isfahan free walking tour? And will you accept tips in currencies other than Rials in your free tours?

You are free to decide how much the free walking tour values for you. But at the end of the tour, the guide will appreciate a tip of around 10 Euros per person, or more if the group size is very small. Because of the economic situation, we prefer to get tipped in Euros and Dollars rather than Rials or Tomans. But it depends on you which one of them is your preference.

Do I need to follow any specific dress code and bring anything with myself to the free walking tour?

In our walking tour, we would like to ask women to wear a knee-high outfit, as we explore in a traditional old neighbourhood, and please don't forget your comfortable shoes. Flip-Flop is good for warm days. So, it’s recommended to bring a bottle of water and snack for yourself.

How do I find the free tour guide?

Find a friendly smiling person with the Persian Walk’s orange umbrella or yellow t-shirt which indicates our logo.

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