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Free Walking Tour Amsterdam

Explore the Venice of the North with Free Walking Tour Amsterdam!

Free Amsterdam Walking Tour

Free Walking Tours Amsterdam tells you the best stories that Amsterdam has to offer. Discover why Amsterdam is known as the most liberal city in the world. How did this small fishing village become so important in the 17th century? As Dutch guides, we will tell you all about the Dutch culture and its typical food. 

Since Amsterdam has so much to offer, we offer different tours. Firstly, we have the Classic Tour that covers the 17th century history and is the most general and popular tour that we have. We have a Food Tour, during which we discuss and taste tasty and weird Dutch staples and snacks. The Alternative Tour shows you a different side of Amsterdam's culture, while the Red Light District Tour takes you beyond the red flash of the district’s windows. 

With its cute narrow streets and alluring alleys, Amsterdam is great for a walking tour. We show you around where bus tours or boat tours can’t reach. Dutch guides show you all the interesting sites of Amsterdam and give you a great local perspective of the city. 

It is like taking a walk with a local friend, book now and explore Amsterdam as an Amsterdammer!

Pictures from our walks

Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 1
Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 1

Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 1

Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 1

Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 3
Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 3

Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 3

Free walking tour in amsterdam - photo 3

Free walking tour in amsterdam3
Free walking tour in amsterdam3

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What visitors think about Free Amsterdam Walking Tour?

Luli C
Thanks Sam for your time! The tour was amazing, we walk around the city and we learned a lot about the city history and origins. You will not only enjoy a standard tour but meet great people and have a wonderful time! Super recommended!
Mariagrazia M
Noa is cultured and hilarious, simply fantastic! I am used to take part to walk tours while traveling, and this was one of the greatest! He perfectly mixes historical knowledge with funny facts. I really recommend him.
Ja S
Really enjoyed the tour! Didn't feel like two hours, thanks to our guide Marius. He is just an entertaining guy who loves what he does and can tell a lot of interesting stuff about his beautiful city! Highly recommend the classical free walking tour in Amsterdam.

Frequently asked questions about the tour

What does the Classic Tour Amsterdam cover?

On the Classic Tour we cover the full story of Amsterdam, from the beginning around the year 1200 until today. The drugs story, the biking culture, the royal family that we make fun of and a lot more.

What does the Free Food Tour Amsterdam cover?

With the Food Tour we visit different food vendors in Amsterdam. At these places you get all different snacks, like Dutch Gouda cheese, poffertjes, bitterballen, drop and Jenever. We do not only taste it, but also tell the history behind it.

What does the Alternative Tour Amsterdam cover?

On the Alternative Tour of Amsterdam, we talk about the cultural side of the city. The hippie days of the sixties, the drug culture of Amsterdam, free bike plan, the gay scene and a lot more.

What does the Red Light District Tour Amsterdam cover?

The Red Light District Tour doesn’t lead us into the actual area, but we walk around it and along the sex shops and strip clubs. On this tour we cover the history of the area, the local view of the neighborhood and prostitution.

Why join Free Walking Tours Amsterdam?

Choosing for a local company with Dutch guides, will give you a chance to get to know the city from the in-crowd’s perspective. The tour is not exclusively about history, but also interactive and entertaining. What better way to meet new friends, than by joining a tour with people from everywhere and a guiding local?

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