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Free Walking Tour Nantes

Explore the "Venice of the West" with Free Walking Tour Nantes!

Free Nantes Walking Tour

Based on a first experience as a guide during his studies, Antoine decided to start Free Walking Tour Nantes during summer 2018. Although he works full-time as an engineer during the week, his passion for the city and history of Nantes motivated him to patiently gather and select information and historical anecdotes, elaborate the best circuit and give as many tours as possible to make it even better through 2019. He is now proud to give tours that are highly appreciated as proven by the comments given by visitors on various travel websites such as TripAdvisor. The goal has always been to make curious travellers leave Nantes with their mind full of stories about the city and a good understanding of the most important events that happened in the city and around, within their context.

The tour starts near Les Ducs de Bretagne castle, follows the - visible and disappeared - medieval walls, ventures through the neighbourhoods built later in the XVIII and XIX centuries and finally ends by the Loire river to admire the famous great mechanical elephant of the Machines de l'Ile.

Unfortunately the COVID crisis has put a - momentary! - stop to the tours but Antoine cannot wait until the situation improves to give tours again.

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What visitors think about Free Nantes Walking Tour?

Emily W
We had an amazing tour around Nantes, learning all of the historical background of the city! We saw everything we planned on seeing during our time here, and more! Could not recommend this tour highly enough for anyone visiting Nantes! He was incredibly knowledgeable about the city, and had very interesting facts about every question we had and offered us information about what we could do for the rest of our stay! So happy we decided to do this walking tour! Thank you!
Tyler O
Exceptional tour and tour guide. Our Guide, Antoine, was very informed about the city and history of Nantes. He showed a good mix of historical landmarks and modern architecture. Without this tour we would have missed many important parts of the city, and have many unanswered questions. Our guide was also very helpful in providing recommendations for food/drink locations after the tour. Great Value & Highly recommend!
יעל ב
Antoine gave us a great tour of Nantes and I highly recommend it to others. We had spent 4 days touring on our own in the city before joining Antoine's tour and yet we found every nugget of information and story fascinating. It was clear that Antoine loves Nantes, loves guiding and loves sharing with tourists. His advise on what to do after his tour and even outside the region was spot on! He engaged 3 teenage children, after lunch, on a hot August day. That says it all. He's amazing. Don't miss the tour!

Frequently asked questions about the tour

How many guides and tours do you have?

For now, it's just me, Antoine! This is why I can offer only one tour and do it solely during week-ends... But as soon as the sanitary situation improves, I would love to expand a bit to satisfy everyone's curiosity! Meanwhile, rest assured that the one tour I offer is an excellent introduction to the most important things to see and know about Nantes. Some funny stories, some sightseeing, lots of history and as much advice as you want!

Should I book to join the tour?

Please do so following the link provided. As it is just me organizing and giving the tours, I'd rather limit the amount of attendees so that both you and I have a good time and can chat more easily.

How long does the tour last?

At the beginning I kept saying two hours, but I have so many things to say and show that I rarely make it in less than 2:15 hours now! (For about 3.5 km.) Please bring clothes comfortable enough to walk around, and prepare for Nantes' capricious weather... I'm sorry to tell that it is a difficult circuit for disabled people (stairs, paved roads etc). Feel free to contact me so we can plan a specific one, and do it at our own pace!

Where and when?

Please check the map and explanations on the website, and the calendar recapitulating the planned tours. Everything is there!

In which languages?

English and Spanish! For tours in French, I usually redirect people to the tourism office who runs excellent tours. Feel free to contact me if you have specific needs.

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