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10 Hidden Gems of Tbilisi: Unveiling the Charm Beyond the Mainstream

Article by: Levan Giorgadze from Tbilisi Free Walking Tours

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. While popular attractions like the Old Town and Narikala Fortress often steal the spotlight, there are hidden gems scattered across the city that offer a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience.

Chronicle of Georgia Monument and Tbilisi Sea

Begin your journey with the awe-inspiring Chronicle of Georgia Monument, a colossal structure depicting the country's history and cultural heritage. Adjacent to it lies the serene Tbilisi Sea, a hidden oasis perfect for a peaceful escape from the urban hustle.

Gudishvili Square

Tucked away in the heart of Tbilisi, Gudishvili Square is a lesser-known gem adorned with local artwork and a quiet atmosphere. It's an ideal spot to immerse yourself in the city's art scene away from the crowds.

Betlemi Street Stairs

Venture into the historic Betlemi district and discover the charm of Betlemi Street Stairs. Lined with picturesque buildings, this stairway not only provides a scenic ascent but also offers a glimpse into the authentic Tbilisi lifestyle.

Funicular Tram and Comple

For a panoramic view of the city, hop on the funicular tram leading to a complex atop Mtatsminda Mountain. The journey is as enchanting as the destination, with breathtaking vistas and a cozy complex where you can unwind with local delicacies.

Dry Bridge Flea Market

Antique lovers rejoice at the Dry Bridge Flea Market, where a treasure trove of vintage items, artwork, and unique Georgian souvenirs awaits. Stroll through this open-air market, and you might stumble upon hidden gems from the past.

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, a lush haven nestled along the banks of the Mtkvari River. Wander through exotic flora, explore hidden pathways, and enjoy the serenity in the heart of the city.


An old Soviet sewing factory turned multifunctional space, Fabrika is an artistic hub where creativity flourishes. This complex houses galleries, co-working spaces, and trendy cafes, making it a dynamic spot to connect with Tbilisi's contemporary vibe. Also we run the tour with collaboration Fabrika Hostel - Backstreets of Tbilisi

Tbilisi Digital Space Museum

Step into the future at the Tbilisi Digital Space Museum, where interactive exhibits and cutting-edge technology merge to create a captivating experience. Immerse yourself in the digital realm and witness the convergence of art and innovation.


Explore the fascinating world of holography at Holoseum, a unique attraction that combines art and technology. Marvel at holographic displays that bring history and creativity to life, providing a truly immersive and futuristic experience.

Tbilisi Auto Museum

Car enthusiasts will appreciate the Tbilisi Auto Museum, a hidden gem that showcases a collection of vintage and rare vehicles. From classic cars to historical artifacts, this museum offers a journey through the evolution of automotive engineering.

Embark on a journey of discovery in Tbilisi, where these hidden gems weave a tapestry of experiences beyond the well-trodden path. Uncover the city's secrets, embrace its authenticity, and let the lesser-known wonders leave an indelible mark on your Tbilisi adventure.

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