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85 cities with unique companies in 43 countries
100% independent & local free tour initiatives


For the first time in history local free tour
initatives are united! Join us for this unique adventure and help revolutionise the free walking tour movement! 
The free tours you find here are carefully selected
independent businesses from around the world. Support local communities and enjoy genuine cultural experiences with every step! 

 Step up your tourist game 

Find the best free tour and get super funky local experience with all the sauce you can take. Cuddle with bees and sleep with the wolves. Ever heard about Zanudka?
Robert B. - March 2020
We were not sure what to expect when we showed up to the start of our free walking tour of Lisbon. We were greeted by an enthusiast Sara.
Richard A. - February 2020
Our guide Reiko took us on a fascinating walk around the Akihabara and Ueno districts of Tokyo that took in both old temples and the electronic city.
Ursula M. - December 2019
I had the privilege of a completely solo tour with the amazing Yap. He taught me how to order coffee and gave me a stamp to send a postcard.

 we answered some POPULAR QUESTIONS 

What is a FREE tour and why is it FREE?
FREE to join!
We charge you nothing upfront. Just sign up for the tour and have an amazing time with us!
FREE to leave!
If you don’t like the tour, you can leave at any moment, still absolutely free of charge!
FREE to pay!
We'll appreciate a donation that will help us pay our rents and keep our businesses running!

What is the Free Tour Community?

The Free Tour Community is a worldwide family of 80+ local free tour initiatives operating in 40+ countries. We are incredibly proud of our cities, and it's our mission to help you discover them from a local's point of view. We deliver top-rated, quality-oriented free walking tours and promote the pay-what-you-wish concept around the world.

How do I know if a free tour operator is part of the Free Tour Community

Look for the logo of the Community on the landing page of the free tour website. Alternatively, you can just go to freetourcommunity.com and see if the company is on our partner list for the given city.

Why joining a tour with the Free Tour Community is the best option?

The Community only accepts the best-rated free tour companies who put the satisfaction of their guests first, so you can be sure the tour will not be a disappointment. Free Tour Community companies have an average rating of 5 stars on TripAdvisor. Additionally, they are all local companies, so going on one of the tours found here supports the local economy. You get the best, and so does the city!

What is a tour with the Free Tour Community typically like?

Informative, entertaining, and helpful! A walking tour with the Free Tour Community is a lesson of local history and general culture served with funny anecdotes and tips on how to enjoy your stay like a local. We love to educate and inform in an enjoyable way, and we are always happy to offer advice. If you don't like the tour, you are free to leave anytime. At the end of the walk, you can decide how much you wish to pay.

How can I get in touch with the Free Tour Community?

If you are a traveller and have questions about tours in a particular city, please just use the contact information in the city profile. If you want to get in touch with the Community to discuss other matters, please use the contact information in the footer of our website.


We love our cities and have a blog section where we share our knowledge.
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 WHY Free Tour Community? 

We're local ambassadors
We love our cities and know you will love them, too! All we want is for you to make great memories.
We're local patriots
We pay taxes in our countries and support local culture. We treat our guides well and are eco-friendly.
You'll love our tours
We deliver the same great experiences in each city. We work together to ensure we provide the absolute highest standards.

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