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Free Walking Tour Chicago

Free Chicago Walking Tours. Meet People, Have Fun & Learn.

Free Chicago Walking Tour

Free Chicago Walking Tours is a locally-owned tour company that provides visitors with a unique and personalized walking tour experience. We offer a wide range of tours that are tailored to meet the interests of different visitors. These tours cover various aspects of Chicago's rich history, culture, and architecture. From exploring the famous landmarks of the Loop to discovering the city's hidden gems, Free Chicago Walking Tours offer an excellent opportunity to experience the Windy City's diversity.

One of the company's standout features is their commitment to providing high-quality tours to their guests. The tour guides are knowledgeable, passionate, and entertaining, making the experience enjoyable and informative. Moreover, the company takes pride in ensuring that each guest feels welcome and comfortable throughout the tour. The tour groups are kept small, allowing for a more personalized experience. This attention to detail has contributed to the overwhelmingly positive reviews received from satisfied guests.

Free Chicago Walking Tours also stands out for its locally-owned nature. The company's roots are firmly planted in the community, and they take pride in showcasing the city to visitors while supporting local businesses. The tour guides are knowledgeable about the city's history, and they often provide insights that only locals would know. This authentic approach to tourism has made Free Chicago Walking Tours a favorite among visitors who want to experience the real Chicago.

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What visitors think about Free Chicago Walking Tour?

Excellent tour with Jeffrey
Rating: 5 out of 5
I’m familiar with Chicago and have gone on other tours with this company. Can’t believe how much new history and information I learned on this outing with Jeffrey. Great pace, good stories and insights on this Riverwalk tour. Highly recommend! iafamilytravel
A must!
Rating: 5 out of 5
Paul was amazing. He made it really fun and interesting at the same time. We learned about history and architecture of Chicago so it was really useful in my first time here. Really recommend it and of course would do it again if I come back! Valentina
One of the best tours I’ve been on.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Jeffrey is one of the best tour guides I’ve had. His stories were interesting, and there was a good mix of walking & talking. I was even impressed that he made sure to be visible to the group by holding up his sign the whole time we walked. I’m always a little suspicious of “free” stuff, but this was a pleasant surprise. matsteman

Frequently asked questions about the tour

Why is the group size capped at 25 participants?

Free Chicago Walking Tours keeps the guest count on each tour to a maximum of 25 to maintain a consistent and high-quality experience. Managing groups larger than 25 presents challenges, like ensuring everyone can hear the guide. Ever attempted navigating Chicago's streets with a group larger than 25? It's quite a task.

Who is going to lead my tour?

Free Chicago Walking Tours features a diverse group of Chicago specialists prepared to take you on your journey. Discover our Guides! Comprising actors, educators, and those enjoying their retirement, each brings a unique lens through which to view the city. With frequent changes to our line-up and guides, you'll receive an email from your assigned guide the evening before your tour, presenting themselves and confirming where you'll meet.

Are the tours suitable for children?

Free Chicago Walking Tours offers family-appropriate content, with no tours containing R-rated material. Everyone is invited! We believe that a sunny afternoon is best spent with family, exploring one of America's most iconic cities.

What should I do if I'm delayed?

Free Chicago Walking Tours consistently begins punctually. If you find yourself running behind, feel free to text or call the guide, and they'll inform you of the rendezvous point. Naturally, it's preferable to be on time to ensure you don't miss the opening remarks!

How much distance will I cover on foot?

Free Chicago Walking Tours aims for everyone to Connect, Enjoy, and Learn – without the risk of exhaustion or injuries. All our tours span less than 2 miles.

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