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Alternative activities in Plovdiv

Article by: Plovdiv Free Walking Tour (365 Association)

It's easy to find which are the most impressive and famous sights in a city. Usually, they are quite popular, beautiful and totally worth your time. But what if you prefer something more alternative? How to spend your time in an interesting way after you have seen the main landmarks? Here are some ideas for alternative activities in the lovely city of Plovdiv.

Visit a house-museum

How is visiting a museum an example of alternative activities? A house museum is something very different from any museum with a theme - like an ethnographic or an archeological museum. A house museum represents the authentic look of a private home from the Revival period of Bulgaria. In Plovdiv, the owners of property in the nowadays Old Town were very rich and all of them wanted to have the most lavish and gorgeous house.

Inside such a stunning home you will find amazing things - like marble bathrooms, views from far away travels painted on the walls, water fountains with rosewater, in between floors spaces, and so on. Definitely visit one such house in Plovdiv - you don't get the chance to visit a home from the 1830s (for example) every day.

Join the Plovdiv Graffiti Tour

Who said tours should be only about ancient artifacts and historical places. A free tour can be also among the best alternative activities if it's having an alternative theme. Like the Plovdiv Graffiti Tour.

A two-hour-long tour around the hidden street art of Plovdiv. You will visit streets you never imagine existed. On the tour, you will learn all about the hidden meaning of the famous murals in the Kapana district. And to be even more alternative the Plovdiv Graffiti Tour explores some street monumental art from the Communist era!

Visit an archeologycal site in a store

plovdiv alternative activities

Yes, your eyes are not lying. It's a known fact that the Roman Stadium of Philipopolis is under what's today's main pedestrian street of Plovdiv. This means most of the houses on top have a part of the stadium in their basement.

Well, today you can actually visit a part of the Roman Stadium inside the H&M shop in the city center. It's quite a unique experience to enjoy some roman remaining under you while standing in-between clothes. Furthermore, you can go under the shop and explore this section of the stadium.

Go to the Rowing canal for a walk

The guests of Plovdiv usually prefer to climb a hill when feeling like taking a walk. Of course, the hills are symbolic of our city and provide a lovely view to enjoy the sunset. But there is something quite different you can do among the alternative activities we have prepared for you.

Feel like walking - go to the Rowing canal. It's on the western end of the city and it's surrounded by a beautiful park. It's a serene place many people prefer for a jog, walk, or some family time. There are options for snacks and drinks. Also, don't forget to take some food with you on the bridge in the middle of the big canal - the fish will be waiting to be fed. If you are there with your loved one take a lock with you to leave on the bridge. And stay around for the sunset - yes, it's not a hill with a view, but water will do different magic reflecting all the colors of the changing sky.

rowing canal Plovdiv

Visit Stenata for a melba

Stenata (The wall) exist since 1991 and is a favorite place of several generations. Yes, it's not a modern fancy cafe, but you won't regret coming here.

The yard will immediately bring you back to the 90s when walls were falling and Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall was a hit. So prepare for some nostalgic feelings. A second after you receive your ice cream you will forget everything else. The melbas are beautiful, big, and delicious.

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