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San Sebastián, best way to enjoy the coastline

Throughout the city´s shore you can find three hills, and at their feet you can find huge sculptures made by some of the most extraordinary basque artists in the XX century. In this article, we recommend you take a trip to get to know them, while you also explore San Sebastian´s coastline, which is much more than just La Concha bay!

Article by Go Local San Sebastian Free Walking Tour

1. The Dove of Peace

We suggest starting your tour in the Boulevard, as it is very easy to get to the Nestor Basterretxea art piece, the “Peace Dove”. Be careful if you are going by bike, as the human traffic in Reina Regente street and in the Zurriola bridge is pretty dense and sometimes you can find pedestrians in the “bidegorri” (our word for cycle lane). But once you pass this area, bikes can go around in a more fluent way. When you reach the “Peace Dove” at the feet of Mount Ulia just enjoy the views, the sea´s smell, the wind and, if it is dusk, enjoy the most beautiful sunset in town. Ah, there are very nice bars in this area, so it is a smart move to buy some sandwiches for later. 

Photo provided by Go Local San Sebastian

2. The Empty Structure

Time to go back on your track! We´ll go back towards the Boulevard, but once we cross the Zurriola Bridge we will turn North following the bike tracks along the promenade that goes around Mount Urgull. This is a long track with beautiful views towards the urumea river, the Kursaal and Gros, and that also locates Oteiza´s piece “Empty Structure”. There, Santa Clara´s Island, la Concha bay and Igeldo can be admired from a very particular point of view, which in certain occasions can also show the roar of the waves, the smell of the Cantabric sea and the humidity of the foam of the waves crashing.

Photo provided by Go Local San Sebastian

3. The Harbour

We are not done yet with our exploration of the shoreline! Now it is time to descend to the harbor, in the elevator if you are going by bike, and go along the beautiful docks until the Concha walkaway. In the harbor, take a look at the old cannons that were reused as berths for the boats and the monument in honor of Aita Mari, which reminds us of the fishing and militar past of this city. Cyclers can go freely through this area, always letting pedestrians through as they have priority, but once you reach the Concha promenade you must head towards the bidegorri.

Image by CarolinaP via Pixabay

4. Wind Comb

To reach the last sculpture, we recommend you to go along the Concha promenade, and trust me when I tell you that it is beautiful no matter the weather. The sea, the mounts, the island… everything comes together to create a beautiful landscape. Just enjoy this stretch of the trip, stop whenever you feel like it and please, do not lose the opportunity of visiting for a while the Miramar Palace, located above the tunnel that the inhabitants of the district of El Antiguo call “the border” (I will explain why another day). After crossing “the border” you just have to reach the Wind Comb, made by Eduardo Chillida. If you bought sandwiches and the weather is good, this is the best spot to devour them, I´m sure you will be hungry by then.

Photo by: Kamahele, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

This is a perfect plan to do on foot, although the best option is, by far, to do it by bike. During our Bike Tour we always try to show you the Peace Dove and the Wind Comb. Do it, and you will see why. 

Photo provided by Go Local San Sebastian

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