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Top Reasons to Book a Private Tour in New Orleans

Article by David, the founder and guide at NOLA Tour Guy Free Walking Tour

With the walkability, friendliness, and southern hospitality of a city like New Orleans, the advantages of booking a customized private tour over a group option might not be obvious. Yet, there are a few solid reasons to book a private tour when you visit the Crescent City.

These are our top reasons to book a private tour in New Orleans:

You Guessed it- Privacy

You probably assumed that the #1 reason travelers book private tours in New Orleans is for an intimate and personalized experience. And you were right!

Here's how privacy can add to the experience of your tour-

Learning more. If you've ever had to wait your turn to ask a burning question or struggled to hear over your fellow tour mates, you're not alone. If you want to learn in-depth about Marie Laveau but are less interested in the New Orleans nature, all you have to do is say so! On a private tour, you can discuss the topics most important to you.

Exploring at your comfort level. Touring New Orleans at your own pace of walking and sightseeing is especially useful for groups with elderly members or children. If you're visiting the city on a business trip, you may have limited time to explore and want to make the most of your time.

Friends and family only. This one might sound obvious, but if you've never been on a group tour with strangers, it might not be. Actually, group tours are one of the best ways to meet and connect with fellow tourists if you're traveling solo. If you're in town with a big group of friends or family or an epic New Orleans bachelorette party, mixing with fellow adventurers can detract from your experience.

Discovering Local Secrets

Learning where the locals eat, drink and function is one of the benefits of navigating New Orleans with a guide on a private or group tour. With a private guide, you can hear stories that might not be suitable for groups with children and see sights that would only be possible with a few people. 

For example, on a private tour, the guide can take you to some of the French Quarter's best restaurants or pubs, where it might otherwise be rude to bring in a large group of people. This ability adds to the authentic experience and builds a more genuine appreciation for New Orleans culture.

The Freedom to Choose Your itinerary

When traveling with a group, you're following a route designed to give a broad set of people the best New Orleans experience. Group tours are meant to be accessible to everyone. 

When you choose a private tour, you follow an itinerary completely customized to your needs and interests. That means you're calling the shots, deciding what to see, where to go, and even the departure time.  At Nola Tour Guy, we can even arrange transportation for you via minibus, shuttle, or anything else needed to fit your group.

Take Better Photos

It's easy to get swept away in the beauty of a building or an interesting piece of history. 

We get it- between the dramatic southern mansions of The Garden District and the mysteries of The French Quarter, there are thousands of little details to fall in love with. Whether it's to enjoy the views, snap pics, or just soak in the 'I can't believe I'm here' feeling, you can linger wherever you like with a private tour.

By contrast, group tours are on strict schedules that help travelers and guides stick to their itineraries. If you know you want to spend extra time filming social media content or enjoying any one area, consider a private tour.

About us and our tours

At Nola Tour Guy, we pride ourselves on leading the only pay-what-you-can tours of The Garden District, The French Quarter, cemeteries, and more

We've also written self-guided walking tours (with maps!) of all of NOLA's hot spots, perfect for the solo traveler! With so many options, we've made it impossible not to tour the sites, sounds, and tastes of our favorite city in the world, New Orleans

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